Fun Restaurants You Must Try in Melbourne

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There are times when trying out a restaurant is not really due to the only fact that you want to try out their good food. In some cases, people go to certain restaurants to see the design of the dining place or perhaps, to experience the restaurant’s unique ways of serving food. Some restaurants seem to be more fun than others, from the containers they use to serve their food to the view the restaurant provides their customers.

In Melbourne, and probably in all other places, the most unique and fun restaurants are those which serve cuisines coming from a different culture and a different country. Aside from the foreign type of food they offer, most owners of these restaurants also spice up their services with other fun stuff that will surely attract locals as well as foreigners.

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The Cool Stuff

  • Mr. Miyagi

If the name Mr. Miyagi does not ring a bell for you, he is actually a fictional Japanese karate master of the 1984 movie, The Karate Kid. Understandably, the restaurant offers Japanese food. Aside from Mr. Miyagi’s unique restaurant design, they serve some of their food in carton boxes that has its Mr. Miyagi label on it. Indeed, this restaurant does not just offer a tasty menu, it is also very instagrammable.

  • Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop

Inspired by Spanish culture, this modern day Spanish bodega is one of the restaurants which provides you with simple but modern design and plenty of natural light which makes it definitely great for pictures. This restaurant offers one of the best experience when it comes to Tapas in Melbourne. This is the perfect place to enjoy great Spanish food, wine, tapas and even vermouth.

Furthermore, what makes this restaurant so popular is the fact that they do not just have one bar located inside the restaurant, they also have their famous rooftop bar from which you can see Melbourne city. Drinking with friends becomes more interesting as the sun sets and city lights up; all of these can be witnessed breathtakingly from this rooftop bar. Phones and cameras will definitely be out while staying in this restaurant.

  • Tonka

Besides its modern minimalist restaurant design, Tonka offers unique and delicious Indian dishes with very attractive plate presentation. A bar is also available offering its Indian-inspired tapas aside from its drinks. Again, this one is surely up for social media posting.

  • Baby Pizza

Offering Italian classics but modern art in its restaurant design, Baby Pizza has that neon hot pink label which definitely attracts outsiders. A wide variety of good Italian dishes, lots of pizzas and a very picturesque entrance; it’s an all-in-one package.

  • Vue de Monde

Now, if you’re into classical fine dining experience that is, somewhat, movie-material, Vue de Monde is the perfect place. Dining in a dizzying height, their large glass windows allows you to see the entire city view. This place is definitely perfect for a dinner overlooking the city lights. Of course, there is no question as to the food, you can go for á la carte or a 10-course degustation, it doesn’t matter because the food here is keen.