Decorating Your Home For This Year’s Spooky Halloween

Halloween ideas

Halloween Celebration


Halloween is a tradition celebrated by several countries every 31st of October. It is part of the time of the year dedicated for to remembering the faithful departed, including hallows and martyrs. It involves a lot of activities; the most common ones are trick-or-treating,pumpkin carving, attending costume parties, ghost hunting, visiting haunted places, and playing pranks.

For many of us, Halloween is one of the occasions worth celebrating for. Sure, you can eat lots of cake for your birthday and you can meet Santa Claus at the malls for Christmas but seriously, what’s more exciting is seeing people in the neighborhood put on their best costumes to go trick or treating. From toddlers to much older adults, we see all of them in capes, head dresses, wings, one pieces, and masks. Some families even dress their babies into fairies and vampires whilst a photographer takes memorable photos.

It’s no wonder why many people choose to give in great efforts when designing their homes for the last day of October. If you’re planning to decorate your home but you’re running short of idea,s you’ve come to the right place. Check out the suggestions below to give yourself a very spooky Halloween home this October.

how to decorate home for Halloween

Halloween Home Tips

  • Keep your front porch spooky.

The walkway to your doorstep is the start of it all. These are the places which other people walk into if they decide to knock on your doors for some candies. Hence, the decoration should start from outside. Set up fake tombstones in your front porch. Leave out some fake spider webs on your bushes and trees, and perhaps, you may even install a creepy scarecrow in your front lawn.

  • Bring out the pumpkins.

One of the greatest traditions in Halloween is carving pumpkins. Give your pumpkins a creepy look before placing light within. You may place the pumpkins both inside and outside your home. Don’t miss on this as this is almost an essential for every home.

  • Set the lights.

The right lights will set the right spooky ambiance of your place. Outside your home, you may set up laser lights that give out colors like red, blue, green, etc. Surely, red would do the job well. You may use laser lights that look like fireflies or those which are used in clubs. Just choose whatever fits your home.

  • Make the walls creepy.

Walls, windows, and doors should have creepy decorations as well. Fake animals like fake rats, bats, and spiders can be glued to these surfaces to add more scary effects for those coming near you home.

  • Prepare Halloween playlist.

To spice up your game, choose the best Halloween playlist for your home. There are tons of Halloween songs which you can download online. Connect it to the speakers so your visitors will hear a wolf’s howl, an evil laugh, and those thrilling tunes Hollywood uses for horror flicks.

  • Invest in smoke machine.

If you want to go all out this Halloween, complete your home’s Halloween look with a smoke machine. The smoke machine will definitely attract your entire neighborhood as it is something you usually just see in movies.

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