Buying My First Guitar: Tips and Suggestions on How to Choose

Learning how to play the guitar is such an amazing feeling; but what’s more exciting is purchasing your very first guitar. This is the time when you picture yourself pulling off a Slash move or an Ed Sheeran strumming. Indeed, buying a guitar can be so thrilling.

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With all the variety of choices available for you, it can get a little overwhelming. Choosing your first guitar is as essential as choosing between laser lights or traditional Christmas lights; indeed, it’s very difficult. Thus, we’ve come up with a couple of tips to guide you as you pick out the first guitar that you like best.


Electric vs. Acoustic

First and foremost, you need to make your mind on whether you’re going to buy an electric guitar or an acoustic one. The differences lie mainly on the type of sound they’ll produce, as well as the weight of the guitar. For beginners, acoustic guitars are much easier to carry around and strum; however, if you picture yourself becoming a rock star guitarist, going directly for the electric guitar is not a problem.

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Nylon vs. Steel Strings

Applicable for acoustic guitars, you also have to choose between different types of strings. Steel strings are much tougher on your fingers; they’re much harder to press especially for bar chords. Nylon strings, on the other hand, are super soft on your hands; however, the sounds it produces are too soft as well. Beginners can go for nylon strings if they want to avoid bloody fingers but if they’re up for the steel-string challenge, then why not.

Choosing the right shape, size, and other features

Guitars may come in different shapes and sizes. For first time buyers, it would be advisable to go for smaller and lighter ones just so you can ease yourself into the guitar game more comfortably. Of course, your choice will still depend on your preference.

Trying out more than one

Don’t just try out one or two guitars; try out several guitars. You’ll find that there are big and small differences that might bother you. Go music shop hopping; after all, the guitar you’ll buy must be worth the bucks as it will be your first. Hence, it will greatly dictate the experience you will have when you play.

Going for a Starter Kit

Many guitar companies offer starter kits for guitars; acoustic guitars may come with extra strings and electric guitars may come with strings plus a practice amp. However, you can also buy separate amplifiers, later on; just make sure you check out reviews before buying.

Check reviews

Although you don’t really have to do this, it’s an important tip to check out the reviews of the product you plan to buy; guitars are not excused from this rule. This is a way to determine the pros and cons of the guitar (or guitar accessories) which you wish to purchase.


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